Hofseth International
Hofseth International


Norway’s wonderful, unspoiled natural environment is famous worldwide for its deep, cold, and clear fjords. This unique nature has made Norway a perfect area for fish farming; an area where the Atlantic salmon really belong after thousands of years with natural accommodation.

In Hofseth we are aware that the seafood industry is about much more than just seafood.  It is about delivery performance, business and social responsibility, innovation through developing new products and production methods and about providing quality products to our customers.
Roger Hofseth
CEO- Hofseth International

HOFSETH’s products come from Norway’s best and most sophisticated farmers, with the best sites in the clean, deep Norwegian fjords. They are farmers who know that a prerequisite for farming fish is to work in harmony with nature. HOFSETH only uses 100% superior fish, farmed on the principle of good, ethical husbandry and sustainable production. Medicine residues and other non-natural chemicals have never been found in any samples of any fish from HOFSETH`s suppliers the last 15 years. You would not find such documentation in any other salmon farming countries.

This modern philosophy provides the healthiest fish, best fish welfare, and the highest quality and economy for all parts. Try a product from HOFSETH and you will feel the original taste of a healty Atlantic salmon from the deepest and cleanest fjords of Norway.