Business Welfare

Business welfare

The enterprise and its management shall continuously work for a healthy financial development and good profits for their shareholders.  This shall be done in ways that have as little environmental impact as possible while protecting the rights and dignity of the employees.

Corruption, bribery and anticompetitive activities destroy markets and hamper financial, social and democratic development. Hofseth International does not tolerate such activities. We shall not violate current competition laws.

  • We shall not, directly or indirectly, in order to obtain or keep business activities or ensure other unfair advantage for Hofseth International, offer or give improper funds or other valuables to any person or company in order to influence this person or company to act in violation of the duties by which said person or company is bound.
  • We shall not, directly or indirectly, request or receive any improper funds or other valuables offered to us, in order to influence us to act in violation of the duties by which we are bound.
  • We report financial transactions correctly by reporting in accordance with national accounting principles, and in all group reporting follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and current policies and rules in Hofseth International.
  • We have control systems in our IT procedures which ensure a sufficient level of data protection for our customers.
  • Use local suppliers if they can deliver the requested goods or services and are competitive. 
  • Ensure our competitiveness through certification of our production facilities (HACCP, BRC, KOSHER).
  • Aspire to having close ties to and insight into the operators we relate to throughout the value chain, and thereby have good insight into the life cycle of our products.
  • Long-term thinking shall be a recurring theme in our activities, from customers to supporting the local health team. 
  • Decisiveness and the ability to adjust quickly.

Product responsibility

The manufacturing units of Hofseth International are approved in accordance with the HACCP regulations in Norway, the EU and the US as well as in accordance with the BRC (internationally approved certification). The companies are also assessed by their customers every year. This means that we shall always have full control of product safety through marking, tracing, control of raw materials and training routines. Through our systems we shall make sure that the customers receive the product they have ordered and that deviations from this are apparent through our continuous product and hygiene controls (documented). Continuous improvements and sufficient resources shall ensure the quality of this work.

Hofseth International subsists primarily on satisfied customers. Without these the company's existence is in danger. It is therefore important that we follow up and document this through customer satisfaction surveys and deviation reports from the various customers. These surveys shall be used to eliminate problems and become even better in the customer's eyes. In addition to the documented surveys, the company shall always spend resources on visiting their customers and help them develop and become better for both parties.  It is not always easy for a customer to state his or her true opinion on a form. However, with forms and personal conversations the result will be as good as possible.